Monday, June 23, 2008

Bain Birthday

Christopher Conrad Bain turns 31 (I think) tomorrow (6/24). To celebrate, Jarrin and I are heading to "Union Jacks" in downtown Bethesda at 8:30pm on Tuesday...oh yeah, and we are bringing Chris along too. There are pool tables, food and spirits.

Chris and I are also meeting at "The Line" at 6:15pm tomorrow for a run.

Come and join in the celebration of his life, if you can make it. Apologies for the last minute post.

10 fun facts about BAIN that you may not know
1. he has run two 50-mile races
2. he has run over 30 marathons (3 a year x 10 years)
3. he is attempting a marathon in every state and every continent before he dies
4. he recently ran a PR 2:32 at Boston which he has a 7 or 8 year streak (don't quote me on that)
5. he used to meet Chuck Moeser in Sterling, VA every weekday at 6am for runs
6. he like the Atlanta Braves (for some reason)
7. he hails from Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy
8. he eats at Arbys
9. he went to Harvard
10. he chews his shirt while he runs

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JARRIN said...

11. He sleeps 3-4 hours a night (on average).

Would be great to get everyone out tomorrow night so please come and celebrate Conrad's 34th birthday.

PR said...

I will try to meet at the Line...

christiam said...

Happy birthday, Chris!!!

bain said...

thanks, Jake--hilarious. for the record, the streak is 11, and I am 31.

P Murph said...

Happy Birthday Bain! I won't be able to make it up tonight, but I'll see you for a post-birthday workout tomorrow!

MAX said...

Chris, congrats. Now that you are in your 30s another side of life approaches. Whats next?

havegoats said...

Another fact about chris: he likes to run during a full moon when he is drunk.

happy birthday buddy!

Billy said...

Happy birthday Chris! Can we get a birthday speech?

Peter said...

Yet another startling fact about Bain:

Instead of Gatorade, he drinks chocolate milk RIGHT BEFORE a hard 13 mile run. Incredible.

Happy Birthday!

Melissa said...

He was also in the glee club in college, so perhaps a birthday solo is in order.

Nietzche said...

Happy Birthday Christopher.
-Auntie D.

bain said...

thanks, all. no speeches or songs, sorry. max, you ask what's next... i have no clue. i take it one day at a time.

KLIM said...

This is a few days late and this original post is 2 years old, but Happy Birthday AGAIN Bain!