Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Based on some of my back and forth comments with Mighty Matias, I have come up with some other Maxisms.

We are all different. We have unique strengths and weaknesses. In other words, we are human. There is no right way to have fun or derive pleasure, etc. If you enjoy getting a certain time running a road race or playing poker all night and losing $100000s, then so be it.

There are many stages to you as a person in terms of growth, development, awareness, etc.(CASE IN POINT IS DYLAN) This means you change your ways of looking at life, determining whats important, etc as you move along. The sooner one accepts this and just goes along with the ups and downs of life, the better.

My goal is to enjoy the ride, try to be a nice guy and take in all of the little aspects of living that are easy to ignore and or forget about when one is so focused on their own achievement or goal. I am not saying one or the other is good or bad but merely that when one is so focused on their own thing they are not geared up to be aware of whats going around them so much.

I am sure that if I was only interested in running faster times at races i might have done or do so. However, I enjoy the whole scene so much more. Its the people and locations and the whole package that has attracted me to running. Heck, most of the people on this team, the Moeser's and Hage's and countless others I have become friends with would not be friends, but simply other runners if I was so focused only on winning or my own goal.

Running and all sorts of exercise is a nice and pure way to express one piece of your humanity. But there is so much more. I suppose I would call running, like all sports I have played, a means to an end. I meet great people doing something I like to do. In the end, its the people and seeing them succeed that brings as much satisfaction as me achieving my particular ambition.

I will say this. In my 20's I had more opinions and hard core views. Us Vs them or my way or the highway kind of thing. As I have journeyed along I have lost many of these ways of looking at life. Values and principles are important but more as a means to guide my personal choices as opposed to how I view others, the world, etc.

As for race directing. That was a blast and lots of fun. Going into it I knew I would enjoy it and make it work.

I throw this out there as food for thought and simply because it came to my mind.

Max Sermon

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