Wednesday, November 7, 2007


The groundwork has been done, the foundation set down. Its time to roll.

Final Team is

Women(awesome team)
Laura Turner
Melissa Tanner
Michelle Sikes--Guest star and....(Possible Olympian in the 5K)

Honorary Captain and former Champ_Ben Cooke
Dylan Keith
Max Lockwood

I suggest we do something fun/social this Sunday or Friday eve. Ideas or suggestions______M


KLIM said...

I'd be interested in getting together...somewhere near a metro in DC maybe? Dupont is fairly central and has a number of good pubs.

havegoats said...

How about we pick a place and watch the skins game on sunday at 1?

MAX said...

I would be up for meeting friday eve in adams morgan for an eve or true excitement. no holding back! i could also do the skins thing on sunday. adams morgan is ten minute walk to woodly park(red line) what up?

Allen Carr said...

I am up for watching the Skins on Sunday

Scott said...

Good luck to all this weekend. I'll be out of town, or I would be out there. I may be in for some football watching if I can get back in time. If the Redskins win, though, that means I have to listen to John Riggins gloat every day next week on my ride home from work. Gosh that guy is an idiot.

MAX said...

For once I am sort of on the same wavelength as Scott. the Skins are terrible and not much fun to watch, as well. I am Bostonian and worship Brady and Big Bill. Patriots are going 19 and a BIG 0.

KLIM said...

Max - you should FINALLY have that small get together at your pad. Then maybe head out to some dive after your place starts to get boring.

What time should we get there?

christiam said...

This sounds good, how about the Big Hunt for happy hour tonight?

KLIM said...

I'll stalk some game

(translation - "I'll go")


I am also interested in some skins action on Sunday.

Did some final striders as prep this morning for the 10k. I was stopped one strider short when a giant bear-dog tried to eat me...more on this later.

MAX said...

just got these notes. depends what you guys wanna do. my place is a wreck but i am watering the plants/feeding a cat at my buddies. we can meet there and head to Mt. Pleasant/ adams morgan after. game? M