Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day 10k 2007 videos & more pics

Congratulations on the team win!
Pictures are available



Jake & Mammen

Jake & ethiopian runner


christiam said...
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havegoats said...

nice work Christiam. I think you should take over work for Jake... all he did was give me some busted DVD!

All kidding aside... those recordings are legit- nice work and thanks again for cheering!

Peter said...

Nice videos Christiam. I should bring my video camera down to another race and we could cover it well and put together a "flocast" like video.

KLIM said...

Who is that guy next to Allen?

Busted DVD? Sorry about that. It worked on my player...did you try another?

christiam said...

Sounds good Peter, next time we should coordinate!

LTO said...

Sorry to say, that's me waving away the camera because I couldn't breathe, was straining to even jog, and feeling a bit humiliated and frustrated. The asthma, sadly, is not getting much better. In fact, it's feeling a bit worse. I am taking a healthy break with the hope that resting my body will restore a little equilibrium.

I too have pictures that Dave O took and I will post them soon. Great job to everyone on the winning team!