Wednesday, November 28, 2007



Upon reflection(while on the stationary bike watching replays of Sanford and Son), I thought some about this club and racing and such.

I would appreciate other's insight on the matter of racing and training and who joins in participates and shares in the love.

I think, long term, that we should try and make this club and racing events open to all who dare and want to take part. No need focusing just on fast people. I no we do not exlcude others, at the moment, but alas, not many others venture to our little excursions.

I suppose, from my vantage point, its about all who join the fray and how they try and become better, no matter what their level.

This thought or way of thinking might not appeal to all but I think its a new way of expanding the club, training, racing events, etc.

thoughts, ideas from others?

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