Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ryan Shay Memorial/ Help Alicia Shay

This is all over letsrun and other websites, but I thought I would post it here. Donations are being made in honor of Ryan Shay to his memorial fund. Send funds to:

Ryan Shay Memorial Fund
5873 Leisure Lane
East Jordan, MI 49727

My heart absolutely breaks for my former teammate, Alicia (Craig) Shay. I can't even imagine what she is going through right now. It certainly put a huge cloud over (as well as added some perspective to) what was a great day for Stanford AND American distance running with Ryan Hall's stunning performance.

That said, the one thing that we, her Stanford teammates, do not want right now is for Alicia to worry about money in this difficult time. Some of our former teammates have set up a system to provide financial support for Alicia. As the donations are being sent to her mother at their private address, I would prefer to keep that private. However, if you are able and would like to send a check to me, I can include the amount in a sum that I send to Alicia. Make the check out and send it to me (indicate on the subject line "Alicia Craig Fund"):

Laura Turner
4107 Connecticut Ave NW Apt 202
Washington, DC 20008

I also plan to run the Veteran's Day 10K this weekend and can collect anything there. I plan to mail the money out at the end of next week (Friday, November 16).

I always feel a bit guilty soliciting money from anyone, as I know everyone's financial circumstances are different, so please do not feel any kind of pressure here. Your thoughts and prayers are more than enough at this tough time. Thank you all!


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