Saturday, November 17, 2007


OK---Jason has convinced me that age is truly a thing of the mind and that I and others, over 30, are really whatever age we think we are. I will go with this.

As for training. Upon completing my rain run with Scott and Jason, I did a 12 mile fartlek run with Michelle and this guy who calls himself JARRIN, on Friday. Actually it turned out to be a 3 mile warm up and cool down with the 6 middle miles being fartlek. Nice run and we ran hard. 3 minutes on and 1 off. Michelle is still rounding into shape for her hard training coming up in January. I cannot imagine what it would be like to train for trials in the 5K and be considered one of the favorites. Thats lots of pressure! I am sure she will do fine though as she seems to be the most positive and happy person I have met in some time.

After the run, I was really tired and went back to work and then home. I drank a beer and ate some chicken and watched some old movie with Richard Prior and Gene Wilder. I made a commitment to get up at 6am on Sat and run with some folks in Great Falls. NOT HAPPENING. I overslept until 9:40am.


Got up and made French toast and read the paper. 20 Minutes later I was running up and down my favorite hill workout in Rock Creek Park, Ross drive. I did 6 back and forths(70 minutes) and was totally tired. So much so that I had to jog pathetically 2 miles back to my house.

Spent 20 minutes stretching and then commenced with the rest of the day.

A day in the life of a runner____________M

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