Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ultracentric looms

Ultracentric, the 24-Hour Race, which also serves as the qualifier to be on the US National Team, is this Saturday. I am extremely excited, strangely confident and ready to run.

Timing for this race will be done by a company whose website can be found HERE. I am unsure if they will keep updated stats as the day goes on (and on and on) but please feel free to check in on me anytime you want. Chances are I will also check my cell phone a few times during the day, so go ahead and say hello as well.

I am a little perturbed the decent predicted temperatures of mid 60s from last week have given way to mid-to-high 70s this week. Damn it! I am only hoping that running at a much slower pace will mean that the sun won’t sap me as much. And hey, it isn’t the 98 degrees of the North Face 50k or 90 plus of the Old Dominion 100.

That said, I guess my confidence comes from my hard fought war this year with crappy racing conditions as well as my performance at the Presque Isle Endurance Classic in 2003 (84 miles; a total which no one has come close to matching in the 4 years it has been run since). (Pre and post race photos below. the first being me not knowing what I was getting myself into.)

Regardless, I am feeling good. Will I reach all of my goals? I rarely do. Mostly because I set so many that are usually out of my reach. But I am ok with that.

The clock keeps ticking and I am ready to run.


Matt Ernst said...

Dane, Kick some ass and and take some names....for that matter, after running that long, you may not remember much...you are a true running psycho. Matt

havegoats said...

good luck dane, run strong and steady!

MAX said...

Dane, you have too much time on your hands and this results in your quest for fame and glory via running yourself into oblivion.

Adopt some kids and true love will come your way.

In all seriousness, have fun on your ultra-run/adventure!


Dane said...


We all have the exact same amount of time on our hands. Some of use just happen to use it more effectively.

I am stapling my airline ticket ot my body so I don't have to look for it 4 hours after I finish and have to be on a plane.

Will do my best. Thanks!

MAX said...

my point is that if you had a bunch of kids and needed to pay bills to keep them happy, you might not have time to kill yourself running.

Scott said...

yes dane, go knock some girl up and stop being so selfish with your life.

Dane said...

I am such a bastard. Why have I not gotten married or had children yet? I love being reminded I am single!

That said, I have a feeling my law school loans equate to what the average person pays to rear their child monthly, so it all evens out. (Yep, I said "rear").

And since I don't train very much, this is just 24 hours I am wasting. Not much before it.