Saturday, November 3, 2007


The trials were totally awesome. Chris Raabe ran a heck of a race. He was right up there for much of it and finished a very respectable 2:17 on a tough course. One of the best marathons I have ever witnessed. The crowds were great and I was able see the runners countless times because I could run back an forth and see them at different places on the loop. Wardian got his moment of fame by running the first 3 miles or so as the leader. Eventually though, he was sucked in. Eric Post ran well and I think Steve M, had a bit of an off day. Bottom line is he stuck with it and finished.

As for the top guys, I have to agree with Klim, he was on the ball, must be some brainpower up there:( Hall was the class of the field as he separated himself about mile 17 or 18 and never was challenged. Ran like the wind. Ritz was strong and Sell showed guts and gusto as he took 3rd. Khalid ran a heroic race considering his injuries an age. I think, he did not have the confidence to go with those young guys in the beginning and thus, waited too long to make a move. All of these cats are true WARRIORS in the end, though.

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