Saturday, November 10, 2007

Skins game tomorrow!

I have been meaning to watch a game at the Rhodeside Grill for some time now. Their wings are tasty and on Sundays they serve brunch until 3pm... and it features an all you can eat waffle bar. It is probably a 1.5 miles from the store... and 2 blocks from courthouse metro. any are welcome to shower at my place- now that's what I talk about team bonding! my place is also 2 blocks away from the grill. I think it would be a fun, relaxing way to unwind and debrief about the race and talk about how good the skins are, especially in their planned, crafty move to lose by 50 points to the Pats so as to remain a sleeper team. Smart.


MAX said...

Being a Bostonian and true New England pats fan, it is very hard to take the skins seriously. Furthermore, their fans are rather silly. None the less, i will attend this event.

KLIM said...

Scott and Megan will be there (Scott just called me).

My tummy feels like hell, but I should be okay to go in an hour or so. Might be a little later than 1pm.