Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Not to steal Scott's thunder(scott, please don't be mad), but I think we should do another throwdown on the 9th at Haines Point, as well. Its another Capital Running Company sponsored running event.

Allen, this time, you can win.

Jake, this is your opportunity to outkick Bert.

I will try to run 33:40, which will be a PR for me this year.

I will do my best to convince Michelle to run one for us. If in shape, I am guessing she can run under 34 minutes and get the course record.

Scott, this is your chance to prove your are indeed, not over the hill, at age 18 or whatever you are.

Anyone or everyone can run it, cheer, take photos, etc.


Unknown said...

you can still throwdown after the Jingle Bell run! Come on Max, get a nice tempo run out of it or something... or just come to get the cool bells for your shoes...

MAX said...

its a deal. i will only run it if scott runs with me and holds my hand, too boot:)