Monday, November 19, 2007


I know that Jason and Jake and a few others are trying to put together a team to run the cross country USATF race on the 8th of December. For those not doing that and want to something local, I am putting together a team for the 9th on Haines Point. Its a 10K, similar to the one we did for Veteran's Day. So far I have myself, Michelle and perhaps, Peter. Others are more than welcome.

As for the Boston Marathon, i am a go. Jason, if you are putting a team together, add me to it, please.

TRAINING UPDATE. No running today as I did a really boring 90 minute stint on the elliptical trainer where I watched some samurai movie with Tom Cruise. Movie was OK and made the indoor machine bearable.



Peter said...

I am still technically in the base phase of my training but if enough people show interest to form a team and I am needed to fill out a scoring squad, I'll do it, albeit at Tempo pace.

PR said...

I've been healthy for about three weeks now, so I should be good to run the 10k if we're putting a team together. You can add me to the list.