Sunday, November 18, 2007

This weekend's results:

I'm blanking on Dane's last name, but I think he amassed 70 miles in just under 17 hours:

42 Dane Rauschenberg 86 M/31 35 16:39:57.75 14:17/M 70.000

I don't have anything about Jake and Matt up in Philly, though Jake should well be done and Matt is an 1:45 into it.


KLIM said...

Matt PR'd in 3:09ish...maybe faster.

Melissa was 8th in 8k

I finished 11th in 25:12 in a slow race year...very even splits for me - moving up after mile 1 (unknown) and chasing after lead pack. 10flat, 15:07, 20:12 (passed three people and ran it home). PR day.

Weather - perfect for 8k, maybe a whisker too cold for marathon.

Gurmesa won half...Rod K 2nd. An Ethiopian from Silver Spring won the 8k.

MORE later...

MAX said...

Did anyone notice that Wardian ran and won the JFK 50 mile race yesterday, in 5hrs and 50 minutes. that is insane! thats three competitive long distance races in three weeks! All those runners in Philly did well so congrats!

Peter said...

Jake is that your pr? If so, nice work.

Matias said...

The Kliminator is on a tear, keep the train rolling. So how many are planning on Boston? Melissa? Klim? JD? Who else is throwing their running shoes in the mix?

Matt, glad to see the hard work pay off. You're doing Boston, right?

havegoats said...

it only takes 3 to form a team at boston, and I am in. They don't do mixed gender teams... which is unfortunate.

KLIM said...

Yes it was a PR...only PR that felt like it came easy. Night and day difference than last week's 10k.

I am almost positive I am doing Boston.

Max - I'd like to run the last 15 miles of the course sometime during my Christmas break. It'll be worth it for me to drive up from the Cape to do this. Will you be around at all? Any interest?

Writing from Cape Cod, Mass
- Klim

MAX said...

sure jake. i will be there. i have signed up for Boston. I am also doing phoenix in january. later

Dane said...

I have my recap posted on my blog from this race for those who are interested.