Friday, November 16, 2007

Ultracentric in 30 hours

1. I was out on my last run of the week before Ultracentric the other day. Just an easy 5 miler. Even though the temps have been cooling lately today was gorgeous. It was about 60 degrees and the leaves are both changing and falling. I just got a new cell phone and could not figure out some of the features. SO, I figured I would swing by the store to ask them for assistance at the end of my run.

The run is over and I am heading home. I am about 100 yards from being done when I roll my ankle. No suspense, it doesn’t hurt. But if you are a runner you know exactly what kind of roll this is. I stepped on a grate or a rock or something and for a split-second and the ankle rolled underneath me. Then, through the grace of God, I did not roll it enough, was able to right myself and no damage was done. Sheer panic and “ohmygod” ran through my head but no damage.

2. Ultracentric occurs almost exactly to the day in my life that my father was in when he was crippled in a hunting accident. You see, I turned 31 in May of this year and the race is Nov. 17th. My father turned 31 in April (of 1974) and then on Nov. 15th of that year had the bullet of a .44 rip most of his left lower leg apart.

When I was running 52 marathons last year and had all kinds of questions as to why would I put my body through this when I did not know what it would do to me in the long run, I gave many different answers (all true). But one that was always in my mind was the fact that my father assuredly did not think, that at age 31, he would never be walking again. So, when I heard things from people like a triathlon coach in Canada (Barrie Shepley) who said what I was doing was actually BAD for the sport of marathoning, I steeled myself by knowing what I was doing was for me, the charity, and my family.

It is extremely ironic I am taking on this challenge at this exact time in my life. Only after signing up for the race did I realize the connection.

So this race is for my Dad.


MAX said...

Dane, thats nice photo. good luck at the race

Dane said...

Thanks. Did not get the results I was hoping for.