Monday, February 18, 2008

ALERT! Boston Marathon Registration Increase

The non-refundable and non-transferable entry fee is US $110 per person for residents of the United States ($160 after March 1) and US $150 for residents of all international countries ($200 after March 1). (There is an additional online service charge of $6.)

The field size will be limited to 25,000 athletes. Entries from athletes meeting the qualifying times will be accepted until the maximum field is reached.

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KLIM said...


3 people score. Last year 7:30something (2:30+ x 3) would have finished in 5th place. I think if GRC placed in the top 5 it would be pretty super. I would be leery of diving up our forces and making two teams. Too many "unknowns" happen in a marathon and it'd be difficult to cast who would run on which team.


1. Transports adidas Racing Team 7:08:10
2. Boston Athletic Association 7:19:54
3. Philadelphia Runner Track Club/Puma 7:22:26
4. Greater Boston Track Club 7:25:42
5. Nike Central Park Track Club 7:59:04

Online team registration will be available solely on the B.A.A. website beginning March 1 and continuing through April 5.
Changes to team registration and other information cannot be made after April 6.
Teams must have current membership to USA Track & Field, or the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA), or to an equivalent foreign national athletics organization.
Members must live in the same geographic region in which the club is registered.
A club cannot enter multiple teams for a particular division, e.g. Atlanta Track Club 'A' and Atlanta Track Club 'B.'
Only one team manager for each club.
Team manager will be contacted prior to the registration deadline if the team fails to meet any of the guidelines.
The Boston Marathon has open and masters division team competitions.
All members of a masters team must be 40-years of age or older.
Individuals who recently joined a team in order to specifically aid that team's performance in this competition will jeopardize that teams eligibility.
Each team member must have submitted an official individual Boston Marathon application and must have been accepted for participation.
An individual may only be placed on one team.
A team must consist of either all male or all female athletes, for mens' and women's teams respectively.
Teams must have a minimum of three athletes and a maximum of 15.
The top three times (net) determine a team's performance, regardless of start time/wave.
The lowest aggregate time determines the team champion.
ChampionChip time will be used for scoring purposes.
Ties between two or more teams are resolved by determining which team's third scoring member finished nearest to first place.
Teams finishing with fewer than three registered members will not be scored.
Official results will be announced upon verification.
Champion teams and scoring team members will receive awards.