Thursday, February 28, 2008


Please send me a confirmation e-mail today indicating you want to be on the team for st. paddys day race. Does not matter whether you are an elite racer or not, just send me your name, address and you know the drill.


havegoats said...

I think I will go for it, though now I sense I'm fighting some cold or something... fingers way crossed not flu. Anyways, assuming fine:

Jason Dwyer
1300 north rhodes st apt 202
arlington va 22209

age: 28
sex: male, last I checked.

PR said...

I'm still planning to race. Here's all of my info:

Patrick Reaves
2221 Washington Ave., #303
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Age: 23

Matt Ernst said...

I'm racing, if you call it that, but I've paid for my own entry. But here is the info if it matters:

Matthew Ernst
3040 University Terrace, NW
DC 20016

Sex: whats that?

MAX said...

so far i have

Billy Askey
Pat Murphy and Reaves
Philippe Rolly
Laura Turner
Matt Ernst
Nate Timm
Matt Herzog
Dave O

havegoats said...

wow. I guess since I only got a first name listed, I now join the ranks of prince and cher. rocking!

P Murph said...

while PR and I apparently only add up to one person.