Monday, February 18, 2008

Small World

So I'm pretty laid up... and woeful thoughts have been prevading my mind... so I have been flipping through so old race results going down memory lane. of the nearly 29 years I have lived, 15 have been competing. Anyways, it is nice to know it is a small world. No idea who you guys were, but you were already there with/for me.

Saturday, September 23, 2000. NYU invitational, Van Courtland park cross country

9th place: Jason Dwyer (senior) Haverford College, 26:31 8k
10th Place: Stephen Money, (sophmore) Vassar, 26:38

Jake found this one: University of Delaware, 3,000 Meter Run 02/03/01
8 Jason Dwyer Haverford 8:51.90 1
9 Jake Klim Maryland-B C 8:52.10 1
This must have been a lean at the line.


KLIM said...

Not to mention this brutally close 10 mile race from 2007...damn!

3 Jason Dwyer M 27 Bethesda MD 57:31 3 3 M
4 Matias Palavecino M 25 Washington DC 57:32 4 1

havegoats said...

another lean!

Matias said...

At mile six Jason Dwyer (27) of Bethesda, MD rested in fourth just off the shoulder of Matias Palavecino of Montgomery Villlage, MD. At the finish he had moved up to the bronze in a real nail biter in 57:31 with Palavecino now on his shoulder in 57:32.

Matias said...

Flashback! (Shining moment, beat a Pacer!!)

6 Matias Palavecino SO Bucknell 2:29.72 !

7 Bert Rodriguez SR Navy 2:30.05

smoney said...

Wow, where'd you dig up results from 2000? I used to love racing at Van Cortlandt. The running world truly is small. By the way, I am going to make it to a run with you guys one of these days. Max keeps giving me hell for being MIA. I'm recovering from some sort of plague (bird flu or hanta virus I think). I'll be out there soon, and I hope you will be too, Jason, so I can avenge my seven second loss from seven years ago.

KLIM said...

I got you guys both beat at Vanny...though on another day. I ran 26:20 there twice (jr and sr years) after running a 2:15 last 1/2 mile.

Note - "2:15" is simply a guess.

VCP is def the quintisential XC course.