Monday, February 11, 2008


As mentioned below, the run yesterday was great. Incredible group and intense run.

My only advice is to take it real easy after a run like that. Even if you feel good. Take some time off and let the micro tears in the muscles heal. Protein and blood flow and lots of raw veggies will assist in this effort. Massage therapy and a yoga class, maybe?

Case in point. After the run, Murphy dropped me off at my gym downtown. I did some stretching and some sets of free weights(light weight and high repitition). Felt fine.

Walked a bit and stayed standing for several more hrs. Around 3:30, i felt my heel just kind of fall apart. It got real inflamed and then sore to the point I had to cab it home.

Got home and stuck the foot in an ice bucket for an hr. It was like putting a burning ember into some cold water. Totally bizar. Anyway, eventually the fire was extinguished and it seems to be fine now.

Lesson is_______Should have gone home after the hard workout and soaked in a tub of ice and then rested the wheels.

On a side note, the run yesterday tells me that Jake, Chris, Jason and big Reaves should all run 2:30 or under for the marathon. I am certainly not there yet and might not get there as I am fearful about putting in the necessary effort to take that next step. Will see.

Enjoy the beginning of the week. Vote with your hearts and not conventional thinking.


KLIM said...

I second that. Rest, ice, dunkin donuts and scotch all help with recovery.

I got up to run this morning and then promptly went right back to bed. My knee was a bit battered and I decided to rest and run this evening instead. Ran an easy 9 and my quads feel like if I ran a downhill race yesterday, oh...wait.

Tomorrow is another day.

Latest CNN/Gallup poll has GRC edging PACERS in GeoWash Race...developing.

havegoats said...

rest up fellas... always peaks and valleys. my legs felt fine today, but i worry more about sickness.

in terms of sunday, I would love to head back to the place we saw webb in No. Va around great falls. and now that we know there is a definate 15 mile loop, it is even more enticing. I'll probably look to extend, say 18-20... but I loved the surface and scenary... as long as the trails aren't too soggy. I can also meet at "the line." its been a while. either place-slow run. very slow