Tuesday, February 26, 2008


There will be a run from the store this weekend at 8:30am sharp. Usual run of 8-10 miles at moderate pace.

On Sunday there will be a 18-21miler( 2hr plus run). I suggest something different this go-around. Of course, i am not sure what.

I will throw out something along the lines where we start from the MD/DC line and go down Beach Drive until we hit Pierce Mill. We then circle back and run up Ross drive and encounter major hills. We run back to the Nature center and then back to Ross drive where we continue until we hit Beach drive again. We run along Beach drive and then veer left on a paved road that takes us into Chevy Chase/Silver Spring. We then run on the outskirts of the park and slowly circle back to the line. This is less than 18 but is filled with hills. For those that want more they can add on. Just an idea.

PS. please invite others to these runs. They do not have to be elite runners but simply people looking to run with others and have fun. The more the merrier.

PS2. the earlier the better for me


KLIM said...

I like the long run...esp Ross Drive/Hills, but think we should go deeper down into RCP before coming back on the hills.


This, of course, assume I can run! HaHa.

The knee felt better this morning than yesterday. It seems to feel excellent in the afternoon.

PR said...

Glad you're getting back in the game. I remain optimistic for you.

Here's one suggestion for a run; we can add our very own Heartbreak Hill at the end if we feel so "incline"d.


havegoats said...

this is a nice run, but 21 is a little long for me right now, and I can't figure how to shorten it to like 16-18. are there any other groups/possibilities?

christiam said...

Jason, I'll be up for 15-16.

Nietzche said...

I will also be looking for the 15-16 range.

KLIM said...

I plan to run 13-15.

Nate said...

I'm in for 17-18.

PR said...

I thought I'd throw out anpther option for our long run. Check out this route in Beltsville/Greenbelt:


On its own, the loop is about 14.5 miles, which could also be shortened if necessary. For those that want to add more afterward, the run starts and finishes at Buddy Attick lake (one loop afterward, as shown on the map, would make the run 16 miles), where you can finish up on the 2k loop.

The run goes through USDA land, so some of the roads shown will be closed to traffic. There are three middle miles that will require some running on the shoulder of the road, but everything else is quiet, country roads, with a few tough hills thrown in for good measure. I have biked this many times before, and for those of you that have run or been to the GW Birthday Marathon, much of this route covers that course, so there will also be marks to take mile splits.


KLIM said...

PR - I am always up for something new.

Anonymous said...

I've never run with you guys before, but I know some of the GRC guys and I see you all at races throughout the year. Where will the 8-10 mile moderate pace run from the store go? I'm coming back from a stress fracture and am struggling with tendonitis in my foot so I'm sticking to soft surfaces for now. I'd like to get out there with you guys at some point, but maybe now is not the time.

Billy said...

I'm out of town this weekend, but enjoy the runs.

KLIM said...

Joe - we'll either run on the towpath/trails or some streets...hard to say at this point. 75% of the time we do the former.

Anonymous said...

Ok, thank you. I'll get out there with you guys at some point, but for now I need to stay on grass for a bit longer. The towpath and trails around here are much better than the streets, but they are still too hard for me to run on.