Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Speaking from experience on the injury front, I can only re-emphasize the CHILL term. Unless you are Michael Wardian, you will break from the running addiction. I have seen the best runners in the area die off one by one due to injury. They peak in their late 20s and then, boom, something happens, and by their early 30's they are a mere shadow of their former selves. There is always the exception such as Hage, Moeser, Rolly, etc. but these are by far, the few and lucky.

Jake and Reaves and others are running great. However, some are putting in miles similar to what the pros do. Unless I am missing something, very few of you if any really take time to do the body maintenance thing such as go to massages and Yoga and all the things you might think are lame or not important, you do not have time to do, etc.

All of the pros who put in the megga miles and train hard do lots of the maintenance to keep the blood flowing and the muscles limber.

Think of your bodies as being really expensive cars(the best). They need to be oiled, tuned and pampered to run smoothly.


Matias said...

No better way to live than at 180 bpm.


Got a quarter tank of gas
In my new E class
But that's alright
'Cos I'm gon' ride

KLIM said...

I'm putting in half as much mileage as a pro...or at least a considerable amount less.

You bring up good points about keeping injury free, but having an injury or two is a lot different than "breaking down". It's not uncommon for those running mileage to hit a snag every now and then. Sometimes it just happens. Everything you mention (yoga, ballet, croquet) helps, but it is not the end all. If I had time and cared (no excuses b/c I really should) I would do all these things. I'm balancing as best I can.

I would argue that when I ran in college, when running was considered in some respects a job, I ran considerably less mileage, ran more on natural terrain, stretched pre and post run for upwards of 30 minutes (including static and dynamic), took ice baths, water ran and everything else but was injured more than I've been injured post-collegiate.

Bottom line is that sometimes you can do all the right things and you can still get injured.

MAX said...

Continued Education about proper body maintenance for runners is important. If you all want, I can work on having a PT/coach/Doc come to the G-town store on a sat morning for question and answer session. Let me know

PR said...

Rather than an expensive car, I've always felt like more of a Volvo--good for high mileage, horrible top-end speed, and often seen hanging around liberals.

But I agree...we have to take care of ourselves. As I found out last October, no one is immune from injury.

RM said...

A Volvo wouldn't be that bad, at least you would have chicks riding you instead of dudes.