Sunday, February 17, 2008


Well, for those not in the know, myself, Chris, Matt, Michele, Kelly, Lauren and some others busted it out at Chief Ike's Mambo room last night. Back when I was in preschool that was a spot I would go to for a night of random nuttiness and good music.

Last night did not disappoint. There was good music and atmosphere and plenty of beer.

At some juncture of the eve, all were in full bloom and dancing away. Matt Ernst looked like a man possessed as did Chris. Allen had his thing going, hands in pocket and all.

In all, it was a memorable eve. I left early so I am hoping the rest of the crew made it back in one piece.

As for training, this AM, a bunch of us met out at Difficult Run. There was the following:

Nate(new guy)
Pat M
Pat R
Bert(Pacer). BTW---I think we should charge special admission fees for Pacers who want to join in our magical weekend runs:)

My legs were and are tired from a two day period of no rest and much standing, dancing and running. None the less, we ended up doing about 15-18 miles with some of the guys tacking on a few more at the end.

Nice run and lots of good discussion and such throughout the run.

Taking tomorrow off from running and hitting the gym for weights and stretching.

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