Wednesday, February 6, 2008



Upon some brainstorming with folks about the team/club concept, one piece of criteria that needs to be met for being part of this outfit is to provide me with a one page outline of your goals and subsequent plan of attack to meet them. I will compile in a MS Word document and send back out to everyone for reference and pleasant reading.


Jake Klim sent me a nice and sweet synopsis of his current training plan and what he hopes to achieve in the upcoming year. He lists training and times he wants to meet per distance.

He also provides a nice paragraph explaining what he wants to do with the team/club, why he values it, the role he wants to play, etc. If you need an example to follow, you might have him send you his plan.


Jake, myself and others have been trying to figure out a way to bring a fun and loose structure to this club/team that addresses the vast array of talent, age groups, and goals across the big group that we have.

So far we have come up with two items that we think are a must for being part of the crew. As you know, one is attendance and two, is having all who are serious, provide a written goal that, upon completion and submission, you will be held accountable for.


No, we will not come to your house in the middle of the night and do you bodily harm if you do not live up to the standards you have set yourself. The Goals you lay out provide you and the team with something concrete to live up to. Your team-mates will also have access to this and can provide support and guidance towards meeting these goals.


Of course there is the group support and friendship, improved running, etc. piece but yes, there will also be prizes to be had.

To be honest, I am not sure exactly what they will be and for what type of performance, but yes, for those that work hard, show up, improve and yes, provide some love, rewards in the form of shoes, race entries, gear and more will be provided. We are working on establishing the standards that must be achieved in order to get rewarded.


I hope this makes sense and people are cool with the PROVDING YOUR GOALS to me request.

If you are down with this, e-mail them to

please do so within the next 3 days.


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KLIM said...

It should be known that this is a Max Lockwood idea and NOT a Jake Klim idea.