Friday, February 15, 2008

Day before Race

Just for my novice interests. What do you guys do the day before you, did you/will you run today and how far since your racing tomorrow morning?


KLIM said...

It depends how important this race is to you. If this is the end all/be all race you've been training for I taper significantly and enter the race fresh as a daisy on a sunny April morning. If it's simply a "bump" in the road to a bigger race coming up, I simply train through it and run the race as if it were a workout.

Some people hate taking a day off before a race. I, personally, find that taking a day off two days before the race is helpful and/or a scaled back run the day before a race works best (ie - if you're used to running 10 miles a 7 or 8 and keep it slow). Sometimes this is more mental than physical.

My advice to you (assuming this is simply a workout) is to take the day slower than you normally would and run a little less distance, but don't take the day off.

MAX said...

ask wilson

Allen Carr said...

Avoid alcohol. I used to buy a gallon of water and try and drink as much of that as possible the day before and the morning of the race.
Two days out I would do a medium run (60 minute 10 miler) and then do an easy 5 with some strides the day before.

Matias said...

I try to use the day before to visualize the race, how I hope to feel, figure out what pace I'm going to go out at, goal time, etc.

For a 10K at this time of the year, I'll probably log 5 miles/35 minutes focusing on enjoying the run, nice and easy breathing, some light stretching.

Probably head out around 6 pm to Hains Point and see the Awakening statue before they relocate it.

PR said...

I always run the day before the race. Just easy and untimed on a familiar route. If I'm training through, I'll just run as scheduled.

Typically, though, I'll just run an easy 7 and do some strides. If it's a race I'm peaking for, then it might be 5-6 miles. For the marathon, it's probably 3-4 miles the day before. Everything's easy--I want to feel like I'm holding myself back from running faster.

Matias said...

Amen, bottle it up for the next morning

KLIM said...

Also, try eating lots of beans and prune juice.


MAX said...

you guys are high maintenance. if i was you, i would go chill out with dylan and listen to gangsta rap in his smoke filled basement and just pay homage to life.