Sunday, February 24, 2008

Team Talk

I spent some time fixing up the blog this weekend...the things you do when you can't run!

PHOTOS - I started a slide show but I need more pictures to put up on if you have any, please get them to me. I put every picture I had archived but I need more. I'd prefer to download them off a link rather them being e-mailed to me.

GEAR - I added the GRC men's standards for shoes and gear on the right hand side of the blog. These standards were established after long talks, meetings and back-and-forths with various members of the team. If you've run any of these times in the past 6 months, are not injured (ie - currently training/racing) AND show up regularly to GRC runs (weekday and/or weekend) you will be eligible for some gear and a store discount. See Ben next time you are in the store for additional information. Those who have not hit any of these times BUT show up to group runs and are committed members to this team will also be eligible for some perks at the discretion of Ben and GRC management. Obviously no one is coming out for group runs in order to get a free long sleeve, but the gear will help ID us at some of the bigger area races. I've been informed that new gear (including singlets for everyone who shows up regularly to runs) has been ordered. Apparently there is a huge back-order and it will take some time before it arrives. Hopefully we get it pre-St. Patrick's Day, but it should be here before Cherry Blossom (where it looks like we'll have a huge showing). We currently have only a small handful of women. Once the roster grows, we'll create standards here too. Same with masters and age-group runners. At the moment 90% of those who show up for team runs are 20-something males.
GROUP RUNS - in an effort to "bring this back to the store" we'll continue to meet at GRC every other Saturday. The other Saturday we can meet at either the store or at any location.
POSTING - any/everyone can post so long as it relates to running and team-related post/comment away. E-mail me if you need to be invited.


christiam said...

Nice slide show!
Btw, are there any time standards considered for distances shorter than 5k?

Nate said...

I'm a big fan of the time standards. Very fair and motivating!