Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Are all on the list racing for certain, this weekend? I am making final roster now. Klim is the only ? due to knee trouble. Others? let me know asap.

Also, there was a last minute glitch with the fee. Instead of getting in comped, we might get a 70% discount and have to pay $10. Not 100% sure yet. Will let ya know soon.

Also, Jake made a good suggestion which is, lets meet-up(Allen, thats your phrase man) as a group for a pre-race bonding session/warm-up. I plan on getting to the packet pickup at 7:45am. I suggest we meet at the pickup spot at 8:am and then head out for a 1 or 2 mile easy warm-up.

At this point, we have an army of a team racing, so the mere sight of us might be enough to disable the competition.

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