Sunday, February 10, 2008

Canal Workout

We had a solid workout today rolling down along the Canal from mile marker 27 to mile marker 12...15 miles total. I checked that site I told everyone about and have listed that guy's mileage numbers below in parenthesis. You can see it for yourself here -

Allen, Dwyer, Bain, Reaves, Max, Murphy, Matias, Dylan and Me met for the w/o. The goal was to run 4 x 2-mile at 5:35 - 5:40 miles...or 11:10-11:20. We warmed up for a mile + and started the workout at mile 26 on the towpath. We split into 2 big packs; Matias, Me, Dwyer, Allen and Reaves were in the first and the rest were just a few steps behind. We regrouped after each rep. Below are our rough splits (from the first pack). Note - some have argued the towpath is 4 sec slow per mile, but we had a tail wind and I would argue it is slightly downhill. Overall I would say our times were fairly accurate.

26 to 24 (1.97) =10:53

24 to 23 = rest

23 to 21 (1.97) = 10:40...From 23 to 22 we ran 5:01...I checked the site and this is actually .95 miles...or a 5:16 still fairly quick. 5:16 "feels" right, no?

21 to 20 = rest

20 to 18 (1.99) = 10:59. We tried to get this rep back under control

18 to 17 = rest

17 to 15 (2.01) = 10:50. We ran 5:25 and 5:25 even

15 to 14 = rest

Bain, Me, Dwyer and Reaves ran a 5th rep and finished four abreast in our quickest deuce of the day...

14 to 12 (1.95) = 10:25...the first mile is 1.11 and the second is .84

2+ mile cooldown

I clocked a 53:49 effort for 10 miles...excluding rest miles. The total mileage was 17+. Overall it was a great workout and even better that so many people were "in the mix".

I encourage others to post their report, splits, how they felt, which rep was easiest/hardest etc.


havegoats said...

this was a good mental pick up for me. glad to see I still have some gears even with the mileage increase. It was awesome to work in a group and to see that everyone had a place. We have a good, large corps...and I was really glad we worked together. It reminded me of college... I have missed this team componant.

Matias said...
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Matias said...

Deuces were definitely wild today, and still think some of the guys haven't showed their best hand.

Fun workout, thx for the mileage breakdown, time for a little rest and celebrate G Dubs Bday with a 10K next weekend.