Sunday, February 24, 2008


P. Reaves and I met up for the Club 10M Challenge this brisk Sunday morning for what was to be a nice, steady tempo run, just under marathon pace @ 5:40/mi. We tacked on a 4mi warmup and cooldown to make it a nice 18 mile Sunday run. Since we were not counting it as a race, I figured it was OK to forgo my usual race attire and wear a shirt. Good thing, because I don't think it had quite reached the freezing point at race start.

Reaves and I ended up running together for much of the race. At the beginning, it was a struggle to hold back--we were so close to a pack of 5 or 6 runners near the front, and it was tempting to go with them. The first mile (if you can believe the mile markers...) was 5:23, and we decided it was a little faster than we wanted. We settled down a little, and after missing the second mile mark, we hit mile 3 at 16:24 (interestingly enough, this was 5 seconds faster for me than mile 3 at the 10K last weekend--go figure) and felt really comfortable. At this point, we were in the top 10, with the pack still visible up ahead. The halfway point was 27:30 or so, for a 5:30/mi average, still feeling good, not like a race. I didn't catch every mile--Reaves I think has them on his watch--but I'm pretty sure several of the markers were off. Mile 6 was very tough and hilly; I definitely pushed it too hard and sapped a lot of energy from my legs. I fell off pace a little at mile 7 while Reaves kept on. Together, though, we began passing stragglers off the pack. It's always a good feeling to be moving up this late in the race. For me, the last few miles were tougher than I would have liked, but I was able to keep a reasonable pace without feeling like I was going all out. We cruised it into the finish, with me a little behind. The unofficial results had Patrick at 6th place (55:42) and me at 8th (55:48). Not bad, 5:35/mi overall--pretty close to the effort that we wanted to put in.

For me, I relearned/reinforced several things to keep in mind when racing longer distances: 1) It is very hard to hold back at the beginning, but it is a must in longer races like this; if I was truly racing today, I would have gone almost as slow as I did through the first half. 2) I need to eat before a race of this distance, especially since I ran a 4 mi warmup (today I didn't eat, and I felt the lack of energy the last mile). 3) I shouldn't blow myself out on hills in the middle of a race just to keep on pace--I would have been better off dropping a few seconds on mile 6; I probably would have made up the time (and more) at the end.


PR said...

Couldn't have said it any better myself. We ran a very even-paced effort on a pretty challenging course, so I'm pretty happy with the workout and the fact that were were able to stretch it into a long run before and after.

This effort was perfect practice for Boston: practicing drinking, holding back at the beginning, and some tough hills.

The splits were way off for some markers, so take them for what they're worth: 5:27, 10:56 (missed #2), 5:45, 5:13, 5:39, 5:26, 5:49, 6:36, 4:45.

I saw Nate Timm before the race, though I didn't catch him afterward to see how it went. A few Pacers guys came out, too, but it looked like they were also using it as a tempo run.

Sounds like people are getting healthy, so I hope I'll get to see some folks next weekend. The plan now is to run 21-22 on Sunday if anyone's game for it.

MAX said...

those are great times. you may not have been going all out but you were not slacking off either. you guys are in great shape. key now is to stay there. nate timm ran great, too. perfect day weatherwise. congrats.

i am avoiding running today and plan on watching shaq attack and the suns hammer the pistons. later

Nate said...

Nice job guys. Sorry I missed you both after the race. I left before you got back from the four mile cooldown. This was a nice workout gearing up for the half at VA Beach and Cherry Blossom. I enjoyed the race except for miles 8 and 9. No joke.

KLIM said...


RM said...

You guys all did great, it was good to see the results. PR, did you see Matt Adami there? He ran with us today. He's obviously not in shape, but trying to get back. I remember the splits being off from the last time I did this race (2006) but 8 and 9 both appeared to be long, 10 was real short. The rest seemed to be fairly accurate. 59:25 (my time) was about what I should have done, so I feel like it was close enough to 10. You guys ran much more evenly than I did.

Max - sorry that the Pistons had to drop 30 on the Suns, didn't see that one coming.

Nate said...

Nice job as well Ryan. PR, I'm game for 18 of your 21 or so on Sunday. I wouldn't mind the canal, but I'm game for anything. Anyone got ideas for the long run?