Monday, February 18, 2008

Fastest/most famous runner you've beaten in a race

I will follow and expand upon Jason's topic.

Fastest/Most Famous you've beaten in a race
Here's mine:
NCAA D-III West Regional Championships - 11/12/2005
Willamette University
Bush Park, Salem, OR
16 Silverman, Peter Chapman University 26:09.50
17 Symmonds, Nick Willamette 26:13.85 15

Symmonds: NCAA D3 Champ and US Indoor Champ, PRs: 800m - 1:44.54 (2007); mile - 3:56.72i (2007); 1,500m - 3:40.91 (2006)

Granted an 8K is 10 times his normal race length and he was probably just taking it easy to help his team qualify, but a win is a win.


Matias said...

Expanding to include "most famous athlete" you've beaten in a race

Ironman World Championships - 10/23/07
Kona, Hawaii

208 09:49:04 Palavecino, Matias
643 10:40:43 Ficker, Desiree

She was second female at Ironman Championships in 2006, second in the Austin Marathon (2:40), running trials in April, and won the Austin Half Marathon over the weekend. What a babe.

Originally from Potomac, MD, she can be found here below Jacob Frey (William & Mary Alum? Didn't he crush St Patty's Day 8K last year?)

"If it's hurting me, it's killing them"

PR said...

Frey also won the Austin Marathon last weekend, I believe.

I'll have to comb through my results to see what I can find. The only people I can think of are past their prime (i.e. Bill Rodgers at Cherry Blossom).

MAX said...



Joe Wiggy said...

Tom Parlapiano (3:42 1500,13:42 5k...) back in my fast days as a high schooler.
Jason Long (1:47 800, 3:42 1500)
In college as a JMU teammate freshman year.
Sean Duffy (3:36 1500 runner)
Ryan Sheehan (brooks/hansons stud)

can't think of any other well knowns

RM said...

Man, I used to crush Desiree in all the local stuff, when she still lived here. Pike's Peek, etc. Then she went all pro (from her duathlon background) and got nasty. I never really bought into her being that hot until I was on the line behind her as she bent over to stretch at the Austin 3M Half a few weeks ago. Damn. I also did not realize that she had that bad of a race at Hawaii, I'm surprised she even bothered to finish!