Thursday, February 7, 2008


You guys and gals who want to make this thing work, please send forth your ideas and such. This is not dictatorship or a Jake or Max or whoever, thing. We are just trying to keep this running group going and get a little support/love along the way.

There is lots of talent and drive here so lets not let it go by the wayside is my motto.

Since this is a hobby for most if not all of the folks here, lets put it in perspective as such. In other words, have a club/team that supports quality running for the working joe runner. What type of infrastructure and such needed to make this happen is developing.

Peace out


Matt Ernst said...

Infrastructure....I think we need more social gatherings to further our running gatherings. Maybe a monthly party at Max's place?

havegoats said...

Max, these past two postings have been jumping the gun, and I don't think are the right approach. For one, it seems like a homework assignment with a 3 day deadline- second, the tone is inappropriate. Third, let's not suggest perks until there is a definitive plan that has come from Ben, or he has okayed it. If we're friends and a team, we should already know people's goals and aspirations... this blog serves as an appropriate forum for this since it allows people to disclose what they do and do not want public.

Matias said...

Accelerade DC is a team sponsoring multisport (tri dudes and gals) athletes in the Washingotn area. Team Accelerade provides race entries and apparel, the team leads are triathletes themselves and are experienced with team function organization and providing agreements in writing to all members.

Team concept is pretty simple: All races must be done in a team Accelerade singlet, members follow up with a race recap and photos within 2 weeks of the event to team least/members. Athletes are provided with some race entries, and formula. Members earn their way on to the team, team started in 2007.

Team Accelerade partnered up with other sponsors such as Zoot and Pacers, I see the team doing big things in 2008.

MAX said...

matias, that is interesting information. thanks for sharing it.

Allen Carr said...

I second the social gatherings. We can discuss our goals and other things at these gatherings.

MAX said...

if you guys want to meet in adams morgan tomorrow night, let me know. i think its time to do something more extreme than just drinking at the bar. funky music and more. what up?

Matias said...

More ideas, the team could have a website in addition to the blog.

Like this

And here's a sample contract from team Aquaphor

This is to be a mutually beneficial agreement between The Active Network, a Delaware corporation, with principal offices at 10182 Telesis Court, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92121, representing Eucerin (Aquaphor brand), _________________________________________________________________(Athlete Name), ____________________________________________(City), _______________(State), in which each party will commit to the following:

The Active Network commitment:

1. The Active Network will provide each Athlete with a supply of sponsor products, exclusive Team Aquaphor apparel (specifically designed for Team Aquaphor sponsored athletes) and other promotional materials.
2. Team Aquaphor athletes are eligible to be part of the Team Aquaphor Media Incentive Program that allows athletes to earn cash. The details of this program are included in your acceptance documents. You are entitled to earn up to $2,000 in exposure money during the term of this contract. More can be earned with the express written consent of The Active Network only.
3. The 2008 Team Aquaphor sponsorship runs from date of signature until December 31, 2008. Your Team Aquaphor sponsorship does not automatically roll over to 2009.

Athlete commitment:

1. Team Aquaphor will be your exclusive sponsor in the healthy skin care category. As a Team Aquaphor athlete you agree not to accept sponsorships from other companies who compete against the sponsor listed above.
2. Athlete agrees to wear, at a minimum, the Team Aquaphor branded top (i.e.: racing singlet, tri top) or hat (provided) in all individual competition. No other sponsor logos will be placed on the custom branded Team Aquaphor apparel.
3. Event Participation and Inactivity: You acknowledge and agree that it is important that you actively and publicly represent the Team by participating in and completing at least six (6) endurance events during the Term. If during the Term you do not compete in any significant event within a period of two successive months, then Active shall have the right to terminate this Agreement with no further obligation to you.
4. Athlete agrees that by no later than the last day of each month during the Term you will notify the Team in writing of your athletic achievements during each such past month. You will at the same time provide the Team with examples of media coverage you may have received during each such period, some of which might be eligible for Media Bonuses. If you fail to supply the foregoing material to the Team by the due dates, then Active may terminate this Agreement at its sole discretion.
5. Items provided to you by The Active Network or Eucerin will not be resold.
6. Athlete will positively promote the sponsor’s brand name, and when possible, educate the public on the attributes of its product.

7. Athlete will not defame or disparage the sponsor’s brand name or product. Athlete will also agree to use reasonable care to avoid injury to people or damage to property in the course of your participation in any event or activity supported or sponsored by the sponsor. Athlete also agrees to conduct him/herself in a professional manner while representing sponsor. If these terms are violated, athlete agrees to indemnify and hold sponsor harmless from any resulting claims made against sponsor. and/ or sponsor may, at its option and without delay, terminate this agreement for any reason anytime after the date such act or conduct on the part of the athlete becomes known.
8. In consideration of Athlete’s engagement as a model and/or athlete, Athlete hereby gives his/her consent to and sponsor the absolute right and permission to copyright and use photographs of him/her or in which he/she may be included in conjunction with his/her own or fictitious name for the purpose of advertising.
9. Athlete reserves the right to inspect or approve the finished product(s) or the advertising copy that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which it may be applied.
10. Athlete warrants that he/she is of full age and has every right to contract in his/her own name in the above regard. He/she has read the above consent and release, prior to its execution, and is fully familiar with and agrees to the content thereof.
11. Endorsement: Shall include the right to use name, nickname, initials, signature, voice, photograph, likeness, video image, film portrayals or facsimile image and any other means of endorsement by athlete exclusively, in connection with the development of promotion and/or sale of sponsor’s products (including print, radio, television and internet).
10. Selected athletes will receive an online training program from, space to post message (blogs), training programs and ideas on the Team Team Aquaphor website. As available, athletes may receive additional promotional items and discounts from The Active Network partners.
11. Acceptance in the Team Aquaphor program is conditional upon return of contract. Contracts not received by February 02, 2006 will be considered null and void.

RM said...

Matias - (completely unrelated to this topic) I heard you met OJ the other day in College Park? He tells me that some triathlete guy wants to start riding with us, lives in Gaithersburg/DC area, yada yada. Then he tells me it's you, I started laughing, mostly since he knew I rode with you, Stott, Ashish before (he knows those two guys as well). Anyway hope to see you on the roads soon! Ryan