Tuesday, July 15, 2008



Where is the team meeting at the Twighlighter, how many people are running for GRC, do we need to scrounge up singlets, etc?

Does anyone have a clue what the team competition looks like?

Do we need to hire a hit man to come in to provide some extra punch:)

I did send word out to Chris Raabe but have yet to hear back.


KLIM said...

I was going to post the roster later this week, but here we go:

Melissa Tanner
Bridget Murray*
Jake Klim
Patrick Reaves
Patrick Murphy
Chris Bain
Billy Askey*
Nathan Timm*
Dylan Keith *

We likely need singlets for those who have a * next to their name. Is anyone going to watch, who isn;t running, that might be able to lend their singlet for this race?

We should ALL meet at the elite athlete area at 7:30pm so that we warm up together as a team around 7:45pm (1 hour before gun). Please try, if you have it, to wear GRC garb for the warm up.

There is a "sweet" spot to go to post-race...Allen is in charge of leading us there.

KLIM said...

We should meet at the invited runner room:

The invited runner room is going to be in 30 Courthouse square, very close to last year's spot.

Allen Carr said...

I will be running and not racing, so I will bring my medium(i think) singlet to the race.

MAX said...

I think I will run it too(not race)---someone can borrow mine.

MAX said...

also, i notice that Nate Timm is on the list. I have not seen that dude in eons. Nate, where have you been hiding? no excuses. you are a young man with boundless energy and years of ups and downs ahead of you.

havegoats said...

I can give dylan or billy my singlet as they live within blocks from me.

Nate said...

Unfornately, I missed the deadline for the 8k. No excuses or sermons, Max. Just embracing my youth :), training, inspiring and training the runners of the next era.
I've been directing a camp this summer and after a vacation to Chicago to visit family - I'm running long runs Sundays with the other early bird, Peter Silverman.
In your own words, it's all about the love man.