Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Twilighter '08


PR said...

Awesome work, Peter. This is too cool.

Thanks also for your merciful editing. I was so far from any lucid state of mind when you interviewed me. I remember just a few jumbled phrases (i.e. "I come from the South," somehow offering proof that I was an authority on humidity?).

I'm impressed that you made it seem like I was capable of stringing together coherent sentences.

KLIM said...

I echo what Reaves said - good work. It's nice to see coverage of the races while throwing in a bit of fun.

You should have had a lower third that read "Patrick Reaves, Professor of Humidity, Deep (way deep) South College".

Some good moments...from Max:

Max: "I was a little over 28:00" (actual time = 28:54)
"(the heat/humidity) wasn't that bad"
"easily" answer to whether GRC won the team title. GRC actually finished 3rd.

DaveO said...

Yo Peter Thanks
We might not have won the team comp but we have the best d*mn running blog going!

christiam said...

Ditto, this really cool.
Great choice of sound track as well :)