Thursday, January 17, 2008

Columbia Club 10 Mile Challenge

Sunday, February 24: RRCA Club 10 Mile Challenge is set to kick off after last year's event was canceled due to inclement weather. For anyone who is looking to run a 10 mile race (for $0), feel free to register following the enclosed link.

I wasn't sure if GRC had its own recognized RRCA club, so if you do and want to compete as GRC, I would suggest getting in touch with the race director. However, you are more than welcome to run as an honorary member of Falls Road, and if GRC has enough runners, we can separate and hold our own team competition. It's a good race, always competitive and all local folks. It's rolling, so it won't be a PR course, but a good 10 miler to do prior to Cherry Blossom.

Register here just go to online registration, fill out the form and then use the code FrrAD

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!


MAX said...

Hey Ryan, I have a squad of people ready to run. GRC is a store and not an official club. Last year I looked into this and found this out. There are particulars and details about the whole thing that are not at the tip of my mind, now. Anyway, if we can improvise and get in and run as a team, that would be great, too.

Next step is to take an inventory who wants to race. more to come

havegoats said...

Max, we are an official club- we had to register for club nats... our # is 10-1016:

"The following are USATF-registered member organizations and competitive clubs in the Potomac Valley Association:"

RM said...

USATF and RRCA are two different club associations, I believe. I could be wrong. I don't know how to check that. I know you needed to be USATF for the club XC nationals, but I don't think that it is the same thing.

I know you can run as "unattached" or something, but let's try and brainstorm with the race organization and see what we can come up with.

havegoats said...

hmm...I just looked at RRCA... and you're right. we're not a memeber... actually, most teams/groups in the area are not members... perhaps because it costs 250.00... more than double USATF.

MAX said...

this is what i recall. anyway, we can figure out a way to perhaps, be your B team or something so that we can score as a group.

RM said...

That's pretty wack - $250?? Max, got your message tonight, wasn't sure if that was a work number or cell number, so I didn't call back. I'll be available to talk tomorrow, let's hash out a plan for this race!