Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cue the David Bowie Music


December 31, 2006. Around 8 PM.
-Fiddy2 was done. I realized I had a whole year ahead of me of uncertainty.

I was exited for the changes but did not know what the future held.

December 31, 2007: Around 8 PM

- I had just accepted a job offer and hammered down the details. In one month I will be moving to Salt Lake City to begin a new career and a new life. I am excited for the changes and see no limit to my future.

That’s right. After over 3.5 years of living within a stone’s throw of our Nation’s Capitol, I will be packing my bags at the end of January and moving to The Beehive State. I have accepted a position with Ragnar Events to be a…well…I Am not quite sure what my title is. I will be working as a race director. I will be giving motivational speeches. I will be traveling to race expos. I will continue my work that I have been doing for the past few weeks wherein I will be mapping potential race course for the future.

4,500 feet up in the air I will live rather than 45 feet I am at now (depending on the hill I am living on). I have all the anxieties and pins and needles that come with leaving wonderful friends behind but know that that will remain close to me in my heart no matter where I travel.

Thus begins 2008 for me. A year of great opportunity. Come join me, won’t you?

(Check back here often as this journey unfolds.)


havegoats said...

good luck man, sounds very exciting! You'll be a tough guy to replace round these parts.

KLIM said...

Godspeed Dane!

Next time I am out that way (when I qualify for the slalom) I will look you up.

Matt Ernst said...

Dane...finally, I know you wanted this and more than deserved it. We need more people who understand the race to be running the race and you, my friend, know more than anyone I know. Good luck. Matt.

Matias said...

Dude, I don't know... there's a link for "Women High on Running" (W.H.O.R.s). It says congrats W.H.O.R.s, but I say congrats to he who runsalot

christiam said...

Congratulations, Dane and best of luck!

MAX said...

Dane, you are getting paid to motivate people to run a marathon a week and live in Salt Lake. Not bad. Peace bro_______M

Dane said...


Really nice of you to say.


bring it!


Now I have no reason to complain if the race isn't run correctly!

They ran for the Beardsely foundation and said "We train for dick and run for dick"


or something like that.