Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Marathon workout data

So, I scanned Robert Cannon's training log for insight- I've mentioned him before, but just to give background- he ran as the second youngest guy to make the trials... his qualifier and actual race were both around 2:20... I know it can sometimes be hard to get a sense of the big picture when looking at individual workouts... so, if it helps- Trials were early november..

in July he ran about 100 mile weeks. His workouts were largley 4-6 mile tempos ending with 400-800 repeats.

August had two break weeks of 25 and 50. By the end of the month, his workouts increased in length:

"20min warmup (sunny, low 70s)2 X 30min 2min jog in between to get back to the start 15min cool down ice bath ran a 1mile rolling loop across from the high school - i measured it to be a about 10meters longer than a mile with rolling hills for a simulation of the trials course - wanted about 5:40/milecame through each mile a second or two fast - hit the first 5miles in 28:06 and the second in 28:12 - felt really bad the first few miles (most likely from going from 8min/mile right into the workout and the fact that I haven't really recovered from Sunday), but got into a descent rhythym after - need to keep working on the engine"

September: started with a 100 mile week and his last week was at 130 (his highest week). workout length increased:

"2+mile warmup (low 70s, sunny)2 X 45min w/2min jog on the same course that I ran the 1hr run last week onsplits:5:43; 5:56; 5:52; 5:49; 5:52 (29:13 for 1st loop)5:39; 5:55; 5:55; 5:53; 6:01 (29:27 for 2nd loop)5:46; 5:56; 5:59; 6:06; 6:05 (29:55 for 3rd loop)1:26the 45min break was just alittle over a minute before the 8mile mark2+mile cooldownvery hard workout - I could tell by the first loop that this wasn't going to be easy - legs just couldn't find a rhythym - by the third loop, I could barely get up the hills - legs were dead - just too hilly of a course - really solid effort throughout, breathing felt good, but really felt how hard it is to run a long time on the hills - legs, arms, and abs really sore by the end - didnt take any liquids which I really should have"

October: mileage between 110 and 120, and then he "tappered" the week before the trials with an 80 mile week. Most workouts this month were at marathon pace:

"3mile warmup + strides (slight wind, 70s, 90+% humidity)10mile MP run = 53:25 (ave. = 5:20.5)(ran a 2.5 mile stretch that rolls the whole way)(splits: 5:13; 5:13; 5:21; 5:18; 5:23; 5:25; 5:25; 5:20; 5:22; 5:21)4mile cooldownreally tough marathon paced run - i dont really sweat that much but today was a different story, soaked by mile two - the turning, hills, and humidity really got to me early plus the fact that I went out a bit too quick - paid for it in the middle and seriously thought about bagging it - glad I didnt because I was able to find a descent groove at the end - Dad helped with giving me Gatorade"

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