Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I predict one of the women from the DC/Metro area will run 2:35 at the trials. Since all of the runners are awesome runners and good looking, too boot, its impossible to know which ones or which one will prevail as the region's top dog. With this in mind, I wish them all luck.

So far, I believe the following locals are running the trials

Lisa Thomas
Susannah K.
Casey Smith
Vanessa Hunter(now in Seattle)
Samia Akbar
Heather Hanscom

I am sure there are others but these are the one's I know of.

As for our own group running Boston, I am not sure who will come out on top. Reaves is running big miles and is strong as a beast now, so he is my early favorite. Klim or Dwyer might come on. Who knows.

What's the running routes for this weekend. I need 20 on Sun and something solid on Sat(10-11 miles).

one run on trails with rolling hills, would be nice.

Here is a trail I explored years ago. We can run there from the Riley's lock parking area

Seneca Creek Greenway Trail 16.5 miles - moderate This natural surface trail follows the Great Seneca Creek from the Potomac River upstream to Route 355. The trail continues on Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission park land.

The Greenway provides access to the Great Seneca Creek stream valley for those who enjoy the challenge of a long hike in the beauty of the outdoors. Due to the environmental sensitivity of the trail's location, bicycles and motorized vehicles are not permitted on the state park section of the trail.

Trail Access Points
Section 1: C&O Canal to River Road and Seneca Road (0.9 mile)This area of the Greenway Trail reveals traces of the past as you see red sandstone remains of a large stone-cutting and polishing mill. Further up the canal is a stone quarry and Seneca Red Sandstone cliffs, which were used as early as 1774.

I would like to do this one on Sun. Are others game?

life is short



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