Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Oracle that is Dwyer

I am going to use this forum to gloat:

Guiliani's loss in Florida sunk his viability, and so Klim's prudence saved him from wearing a dress... but don't fear... there will be time to slosh him up enough to provoke his rashness.

If anyone else would like to challenge the oracle, and has the guts to see it through... please make a prediction/wager...

And if you see Klim, give him crap about punking out (it will furthur our cause to incite him, and in turn, get the better of him!)

"the oracle"


KLIM said...

pish posh mcgosh

Matt Ernst said...

Hey Jake, watch that mouth....pish posh????

MAX said...

Jake, you are a wuss. plus, your instincts on who's going to win the election is a little suspect.

KLIM said...

I believe that is what Mr. Dwyer, cough - the oracle, was alluding to.

Nietzche said...

My money is still on Ron Huckabee, my mom always used to say two heads are better than one, I never knew she meant two heads surgically attached to the same body.