Wednesday, January 9, 2008


This is good. I have been reading people's training logs. Pretty intense stuff. When I was 24 or 25 or whatever, I was doing other things in life(hedonistic). The type of running and pain endurance episodes some of you are doing/going through takes total committment. I am not sure if this is good or just plain addictive compulsive behavior that will make some of you obsolete to the rest of humanity. In any case, its an interesting ride to be on for a bit. I am only running 55 miles a week but mix it up with weights, kayaking yoga and dating beautiful women(another totally different type of game).

Its all about the pursuit of love and happiness_____M


KLIM said...


I would argue that a lot of us "youngins" have been involved in a structured running regiment since the age of 14 (freshman year in HS). The clich/typical schedule would involve 2-3 workouts or races per week in high school and later in college. The basic formula is still the same, only now we're likely running more miles than we were before and running harder during the workouts (this might not be true for everyone especially those who had great/intense college programs).

Sooo in a way you can say it's addictive...though in a way it's more ingrained in a lot of us: a structure we've been involved in for 10+ years. Sorta like brushing your teeth...maybe?

MAX said...

you guys are excellent candidates for special forces. The conditioning and discipline is already there, which is a plus. Better than special forces, you can create your own special ops force and put yourself out for hire.

havegoats said...

Would it read something like this

FOR HIRE: Several scrawny individuals with questionable coordination who can't lift more than 150-maybe 175lbs (excluding matias and a few others....) In the face of danger, this group prefers to run away... not with blazing speed... but rather slowly and for a long time.

Ideal for: making lazy people feel even more guilty.

Salary: gu, socks, vasaline, gatorade.

KLIM said...

Plus, I think in SF one needs to be able to kill people with their bare hands.

I haven't done anything like this since that bar fight in Mississippi in the late '80s.

Unknown said...

This is one of the funniest post in recent memory.

Regarding Special Operations,

I used to make my younger brother do summer cross country training with me.

He recently went through Air force para-resuce training, which has a 80% failure rate. He said the 10 mile long runs I made him do gave him a level of mental toughness which gave him a advantage over the other candidates.

Matt Ernst said...

We may not be able to lift 200 lbs. all at once, but there some among us that can probably do it 12 oz at a time....