Saturday, January 26, 2008

Edwards Ferry Parking Lot Map

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KLIM said...

Look for this old white brick house once you get to this intersection (in map). You will see the Canal Towpath (visible in photo in front of house)...cross over the path in your car and park. You should see a ramp or sorts that dips into the Potomac River...where the Rebs crossed the river during the Civil War.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much!! Will be checking it out very soon.

KLIM said...

We had a good solid run. Patricks Reaves a& Murphy, Chris Baine, Robert Jarin and Melissa all showed up in desolate Edwards Ferry.

We ran together for the first 5 miles (33:30) then picked it up to 6:15 pace for the next 5.

Baine, Reaves and I kept the pace honest for the next 5 (31 minutes) before we picked it up for 4 miles. Patrick looking strong, pulled away slighlty, before all three of us cooled down for the last mile or so. I think we ran a little too hard so my goal in future runs is to try and "relax" more mid run.

Last week completes my first 80 mile week in this training cycle. Next week I'll tone down the intensity but keep up the mileage.