Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tempo Runs

Tempo runs are very crucial to training. Hall, Gildea, and thousands of others swear by them. So maybe this will get a conversation going. Here are a few of my questions for everyone individually: How far? What surface? What time and what day of the week do you run your tempos?

I have been running mine solo on the roads, but I really want to get on softer surfaces. I'm currently doing 6-8 mile tempo runs on a road loop in Montgomery Village once a week. I'm trying to build up the length every few weeks. I know Laura had posted about gettting some people out on Thursdays from the store. I'm interested in checking that out, but is anybody interested in running some tempos on the Canal in the coming months?



MAX said...

Nate, if you want to meet me at the store at 4pm tomorrow or Thursday, I will do a Fatlek or tempo run of up to 7 miles with you.

PR said...


Jake and I are running a tempo in Greenbelt on Saturday morning. It's a 2k soft-surface loop (similar to the towpath) at Buddy Attick Lake, where I used to run my XC workouts in college. We're going to run somewhere in the neighborhood of 4-7 laps, depending on personal preference. There are some small hills that aren't exactly killer, but just big enough that you'll feel them in the latter stages of a tempo run.

Let me know you or any other parties want to partake...the more, the merrier.

I think the plan is to meet a 9:30.

Nate said...


My practice finishes around 4 on both days. It would have to be closer to 5 most likely. Drop me an email to let me know what you think.

MAX said...

I believe it will be dark if we run anytime too late. do you think 5 is too late to start?