Friday, January 4, 2008

Saturday Run

Anyone interested in running from the DC/MD line tomorrow at 9am? 10-12...some trails some roads.


Scott said...

I have interest

Billy said...

I'm interested, too.

Where exactly is the meeting spot?

KLIM said...

We're meeting here -

From MD, follow Beach Drive south until you hit a yellow gate and you can't go any further. The parking lot is on the left. There is no address here, but the nearest cross street is East/West Hwy and Beach Drive.

You'd travel on 495 and head towards DC on Conn Ave. Eventually you'll hit east/west hwy. Make a left and after about a half mile make a right onto Beach Drive.

PS - Chuck Moeser might be showing up to run a workout of sorts.

Matias said...

Committed to a ride on Sat, but if you're going long on Sunday I'm interested. White's/Harpers Ferry loops?

MAX said...

I spoke with Chuck and convinced him to drive out. The condition is some of us need to run like animals and push him. Also, I have agreed to get some dudes to meet him every other weekend out in VA. Its all about love and sharing the spirit.

see you manana

MAX said...

Also, if any of you, (Money or Matt Herzog), need rides, let me know via my Gmail account. I am giving my buddy Robert a lift and we are meeting in the U st area at 8:15am.

Scott said...

what has two thumbs and has to go to work tomorrow and can no longer come on the run? this guy.

KLIM said...

Good run!

We had about 14 guys out there today and we kept an honest pace. Glad to see so many faces...some of them new.

FYI - I'll be in Idaho next weekend and won't be around for group runs.