Monday, January 14, 2008


This past weekend's training was very good.

We had large turnouts of quality and serious runners on Sat and Sun.

The sat Progression run turned out to be a race(my fault) as we went out too fast the last 5 miles and by mile 8 were gassed. Other than that, Wilson and Raabe were there as was Matt Ernst, Chuck, Chris Bain, Herzog, $$$$$$$, Billy, Pat M and Susannah K.

The Sun run was awesome. Jason, Billy, Pat, Chuck, Reaves and Chris B turned out for 16-18 miles of muddy trail running through some nice country. We explored and conquered. After, we went and had brunch at the Silver Diner in Reston.

Also, on Sunday, there was a cameo appearance made by Alan Webb and his training group. I hear that the trails out that way are one of his primary training grounds.

I have been running with various groups in this area for 6 years. This is the best one so far. Its creative, flexible, filled with good runners, and too boot, people are laid back and there does not seem to be any ego maniacs.

Keep it up

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