Friday, January 18, 2008


I was going to run the race with Jake in MD, but noticed that DC ROADRUNNERS, is putting on a 20K and 5K on the Capital Crescent trail tomorrow morning. The race start is basically right at the G-town running store. So, for the purpose of convienence, I think I will do the 20K as a tempo(5:50-6 minute pace) and then head over to the store and starbucks for some post run/race chatter. If people want to run that as a GRC training run, its only 5 bucks for either race. The start is right at the begining of the trail. Basically, across the street from the store. If you walk down the steps from the canal to street below(water st, i think), you will see the boat house on the left. thats where it starts.


KLIM said...

Reaves and I will be running the "other" race in Silver Spring. See you on Sunday.

MAX said...

YES Jake, we know you are running the 8k. you and reaves will have to battle it out between the two of you or maybe "old" Mark Hoon or such will show up. Either way, should be good. also, for those running in G-town, I will be meeting at the store at 8:30 am and then heading down to the race.

As for Sunday, so far I have down Reaves, Klim, Lockwood, Bain, Murphy, Susannah K, others?????