Saturday, January 5, 2008

Indoor Track Meet 1/13

Just wanted to pass the word along about the Open Series of Indoor Track meets that take place at the PG Sports and Learning Complex, a number of us from up here in Baltimore plan on going a week from tomorrow (Sunday the 13th) to compete and would love to have some more competitive folks than what currently show up.

They have a 1600, an 800 and a 3200, in addition to other events you would see in an indoor lineup. We have a few people who should be running high 4:30/4:40s for the mile, and probably some in the 10:00-10:30 range for 2 miles, and one or two that may do the 800 in 2:00 or so.

Information can be found if you navigate a little bit on the site.

Additionally, we have been talking about going up to a meet or two up at Haverford College, some open meets at the Armory up in NY and up to Boston. If any of you has an interest in traveling with us, just let me know, my email is

Hope to see you on the track! (Thanks Jake for letting me post) - Ryan McGrath

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havegoats said...

I am trying to get to haverford for a 5k. hope to see some folks up there. usually good races, but, as an alum, I am biased.