Sunday, January 6, 2008


Thanks all of you guys for the hard work the last few days. Two hard/semi difficult days in a row of solid miles counts for something. I do not think for any of the two runs, except for some little warmup stuff, we ever dipped below 6:40 over what amounts to 28 miles of running. This is with hills and tough terrain in the mix. This is what it takes. Thanks to Pat and Jake, today, I ran longer than I have since the Marine Corps Marathon.

My assignment to Jake and Pat and anyone who really wants to get faster for the marathon, is to make an effort to get with Raabe or Komen for a workout or two and just get humbled. Feel the pain for 5 miles or more and learn to enjoy it.

Now for a recovery day and lots of protien and nourishment to help heal the muscles that have been trashed.

Pat M. or anyone else, I am running at 6:30am from Pierce Mill on Tuesday and from the store at 4:00pm on Wed. I hope to catch Raabe and see whats giving.

Peace out________M


KLIM said...

We ran 18 miles today (6:20 pace). From roughly 11-16 we ran 28:30 for 5 miles; 6:15, 6:00, 5:30, 5:30, 5:15. Our last 5k was 16:47. Then we cooled down for two miles. Good run; strong run, easy run.

I feel stronger and more powerful than I've ever felt before. On Wednesday I start track workouts.

In a few weeks I'd like to run my Whites Ferry/Edwards Ferry Loop a bit further up the towpath. It's 10 miles on natural terrain X 2. Hoping for some company...more on this later.

I ate a plate full of french fries tonight to Melissa's dislike whilst drowning myself in Guinness/Boddingtons. Topped it off with a protein-filled pub burger.

Matias said...

The train is just starting to roll, hop on for fast times. You guys looked great today, powerful, focused, driven. Great motivation to keep the training rolling, hope to stick some of those workouts in the future.

It's true, you run with Klim & co and the times will drop. I graduated from GRC University last spring with a great engine and kept the pistons firing through the Summer and Fall.

Fun chasing the Fox and slopping through the mud today, thanks for the run.