Thursday, January 17, 2008


I am learning(always) about the body and how it responds to treatments for injuries, what to apply for what type of injury, etc. I am not sure what any of you all do. I could describe the stories I hear from dozens of runners in the area but that requires too much writing.

Below are two examples of injuries that I have been working with for approximatley two years.

1) Hallux Limitus(stiff big toe). I went to the Podiatrist recently for a toe problem. He examined my big toe and said there is a large bone spur on the joint that connects the toe with the rest of the foot. This is due to the massive amount of flexing this toe has done over the years. Anyway, to make a long story short, the toe has not been able to bend upwards for 2 years. It is stiff but really does not cause pain, just some aggrevation.

1)In older people and in severe cases, doctors will operate to shave off the spur. However, it usually grows back and is worse.
2)One can try orthotics.
3) Be tough and just run with it. (My option of choice)

Hamstring Strain. I have run with a strain in my right hammy for 2 years. I can run through it but the hamstring is forever tender.

1) Rest and Prayer
2) Ultra sound and PT
3) Massage and ice

I have tried little bits and pieces of all three and still suffer a bit. Wilson Komen suffers through the same injury and has had it for 8 months.

I know Jake has had some shin problems but I have no idea if others have or do suffer and just run through these things, etc.

My next sporting obsession will be Ping Pong

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PR said...

I get a lot of little aches and pains all the time. Most of the time, I run through them and they go away on their own within a day or so.

I've only had two "real" running injuries:

Lower back, June 2005. I missed two days because the base of my spine shifted out of alignment. This caused my left hip/butt to flare up. Overcompensating for this, my right quad also became unbearable. I went to a great running chiropractor in Atlanta (the same guy who works with Olympians Terrence Trammel, Angelo Taylor, and just abput any Atlanta-based track athlete). I came into his office, he adjusted me, and I was literally running the next day. I came back for adjustments every couple of weeks for the rest of the summer, iced, and did some strengthening excercises he gave me for it.

October 2007, second metatarsal stress fracture. I guess you guys know this story by now, but I missed four weeks with this recently. The remedy was just ice and rest (for my foot) and a lot of pool running (for my sanity). My podiatrist gave me a surgical boot to immobilize it. After four weeks, I got the OK to start a gradual comeback to running, phasing out pool running and other cross training through December.