Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have received some questions about the various group runs posted on the blog. All of these are good questions and thus, I suggest people provide some context for all group runs they are organizing and offering up.

For example, the Saturday run from the store is open to all runners of any ability. The purpose of the Saturday run is to have runners of different abilities meet, socialize, share running secrets and explore some of the nice running routes in Georgetown. The distance run is anywhere from 7-10 miles and 6:40-10 minute per mile pace. Upon conclusion of the run, people are more than welcome to meet and hang out at the store, get breakfast, etc.

Regarding the Difficult Run, run on Sunday, the run takes place out in Great Falls and is on trail and hills. We will run at moderate pace, 6:40-7 minutes per mile and go for 10-12 miles.

Those who want to run faster or slower are more than welcome.

For those who are leading other runs, perhaps you can provide some context as well so others who go to the Blog no whether the run might be suitable for them.

Peace out


JARRIN said...

Dear Codger: Define "context"?

MAX said...

Please provide a setting for the run. In other words, make an efort to state the place, carpooling info, the terrain, the pace and distance, etc. This will provide potential customers of the respective run with some important background info and help them determine if they want to drive out, make the time commitment and so on. I have often felt bad for inviting someone to a run and then realizing that they were not up for the pace or distance. Its no fun running alone, getting dropped, etc. and then having to find your own way through on unfamiliar ground. Hope this helps. M

Kelzie said...

I will help Max on this one: I need to get in 18 or thereabouts and am interested in doing so on Sunday at Dual Ferries. But I don't know where that is, or the surface (kind of matters to me), or the terrain (matters less to me). Plus I don't have a car, only a bike, so would presumably be needing some help getting out there, wherever "out there" is. It would be nice to have people my pace (7:15-7:45/mile) to run with, but I'm relatively ok with getting dropped. Therefore, I'd love to know more. Thanks!

- Potential Customer, aka Kelzie

Melissa said...

Hi Kelzie. I'll do my best to answer your questions, though I've only run this one once. It's a 10 mile loop, part on the canal and part on dirt roads. One stretch of it might be paved, but I think it's mostly on soft surfaces. People either do 2 loops or one plus out-and-back however much they want to add on. The guys will probably go pretty fast, but I will definitely be within your pace range on the first loop. I will try to drop down to 6:30 on the second one. Another girl might come with me as well, so you'll have some company for at least 10, maybe more. I don't know what time this run is starting, but if you can get to the Bethesda metro 45 minutes before the run starts I'd be happy to give you a ride. Here's my email so we can coordinate:

Peter said...

Hey Melissa,

Can I take you up on that ride offer? I'll send you a confirmation email once the Sunday run start time is posted. Anyone else riding metro on weekends be advised that it doesn't open until 7am and the single tracking on the red line slows things down significantly. (30-40 minutes). I may end up driving myself if it looks like I won't be able to get to Bethesda on time.