Wednesday, October 15, 2008

5k on Sun

Listen all

I am working at a little 5k in Rock Creek Park this Sun. Its a Montgomery County Road Runners Special and I want to provide a little GRC warm and fuzzyness to the cause.

The race begins near the line so its a perfect way for some of you to get a speed workout mixed into your long run. It starts at 9. If you give me a heads up in advance I can get you bibs and all you need to do is show up at 8:55 and pin them to your shirts.

No, you will not win plane tickets to Boston but you can be ambassadors for the sport and the store. After the run, you can simply continue on your run wherever it might be.

No biggie one way or the other. Just throwing it out there.

If interested or have been swayed by my amazing coaxing skills, give me a holler.

peace out

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Peter said...

I will do this. There is a team competition, 4 runners minimum to a team.