Monday, October 13, 2008

Yoga for Runners - November 1

Please join yogi Margaret Ward for "Yoga for Runners," an introductory seminar and demonstration of yoga poses for runners.

Date: Saturday, November 1
Time: 11 am-12:30 pm
Place: The Georgetown Running Company, Chevy Chase

Yoga for Runners is designed to appeal to runners who are interested in the physical and mental benefits that yoga can bring to their lives. Without any prior yoga experience, this demonstration and discussion will introduce members of the running community to a tool which can enrich their running practices and enliven their whole lives. Integrating mind, body and spirit, running and yoga share a similar soul – both are forms of moving meditation and becoming one with the breath.

Benefits of regular yoga practice
  • increases flexibility
  • decreases risk of injury
  • increases body awareness
  • increases core strength
  • tones and lengthens muscles throughout the body
  • increases balance and endurance
  • emphasizes breath linked to movement
  • helps you reach your fullest expression of yourself

About Margaret: Margaret Ward fell in love with yoga in 2006 after being sentenced to months without running – tendonitis in her right calf due to overstrain and overuse led to the beginning of what appeared would be a very frustrating recovery. Having heard about the benefits of yoga and having practiced on and off for years, she returned to her yoga mat. Only this time something all together newtook place. A sense of aliveness began to transform her sense of body and mind.The calf muscle healed and the running shoes came back out of the closet but ever since that time of transformation, she has found a way to define herself as both a runnerand a yogi. Margaret is now a licensed yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance.

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FYI - "The GRC Yoga Team" which currently consists of Bain, JARRIN and me are going to downdogyoga in Bethesda tonight at 7:45pm.

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