Sunday, October 12, 2008

Page's Run 5k

Melissa, Patrick and I ran the Page's Run 5k in Potomac on an ideal fall morning. Looking for both a tune-up and a plane ticket, we all chased other runners through the rolling hills around Winston Churchill High School. Pacers' Steve Crane took the win on the men's side, outkicking a guy from NC for the win. Our own Melissa Tanner took home the win in the women's race, outkicking two others in the final half mile in a close contest.

For her first place efforts Melissa won a free plane ticket to and hotel in Boston, as well as a "special prize" for breaking the course record, though what that is exactly may still be a mystery. Patricks #1 and #2 finished 5th and 3rd, missing out on plane tickets of our own but still hitting our goal times comfortably as we all head into our peak races of the season.

Thanks to Valerie to taking a few photos, which are posted below. Results for men and women are here and here.


Melissa said...

Your report is much better, Patrick. Thanks for the photography, Valerie!

FYI, in that first picture we're all laughing about the guy bending over in the background.

Matt Ernst said...

Great race guys...and gal! Guess it's on to Boston in the fall. You all are making GRC look great.


Matt Ernst said...


Peter said...

Funny excerpt from the Run Washington article: "Before the race, hot shot Patrick Reaves (23) of Silver Spring, MD was seen jetting out striders. He had an excellent summer, including an overall win at the vaunted Annapolis 10 Mile. Then a shadow passed over the road and the tall dark "Clint Eastwood" of runners solemnly strode up to the starting line. Steven Crane (27) of Arlington, VA (in photo) was the top dog, the head honcho, the runner with the mostest, the Summer Runner Rankings champion."