Saturday, October 11, 2008


Anybody here use athlinks? Its a results database/social networking/million other things wrapped into one site. It doesnt have every race, but it has a good amount of races... like the 5k I ran back 2000 where Phillipe beat me by 2 mintues or the 31 minute 8k I ran back in 99.


RM said...

It's a pretty sweet site, great for finding old race results. I don't use it for the "social networking" portion.

Also, great job to Dane today at Baltimore, probably beat more than 99% of the runners for charity!

Peter said...

Just discovered it on letsrun 2 days ago, very useful.

JARRIN said...

Ditto like RM, I use Athlinks for race results and they're pretty comprehensive (even little obscure races).